Our skincare- and product philosophy

Healthy skin ageing as an adjuvant skincare concept

The adjuvant* skincare concept helps to keep the skin healthy and to strengthen its defence and renewal processes. The Lilly Sayn Wittgenstein performance cosmetics aim to keep the skin healthy and support the ageing process of the skin. The daily portion of phloretin from apples helps the skin build a network of antioxidants that protect against free radicals.

* adjuvant of Latin adiuvare, to support, to strengthen

Regional with omega 3+

The skincare regime contains vegetable oils such as rapeseed- and sunflower oil from the region which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These have an anti-inflammatory effect and help prevent inflammatory skin ageing (inflammaging), as any micro-inflammation of the skin leads to wrinkles.

Less is more – keep it simple

As many ingredients as necessary – as few ingredients as possible. Along with Lilly’s fashion style: clear and simple. The skin is not overloaded with unnecessary nutritions, such as artificial colours.

The natural, physiological pH value of the skin acidic – sour makes you happy

To maintain and restore the skins barrier, the natural acid balance and to preserve the protective flora (skin microbiome), all products are low in pH.

All my sun care products are tested for:

Codecheck compliant / low carbon footprint / not harmful to aquatic life

I do not use silicones, mineral oils, artificial colours, parabens or formaldehyde releaser in all of my products.

I have chosen an elegant, feminine, and natural fragrance and have also avoided allergens in my skin- and sun care products.

I reduce transport distances as much as possible, as the extraction of many raw materials in my products and their production take place in a renowned cosmetics company in the middle of Germany.

The mission of the skincare regime

  • Strengthening the skin’s self-healing ability for more resistance
  • Promoting and maintaining the balance of the skin and counteracting skin reactions.
  • Supporting a healthy approach of the ageing of the skin
  • Excellent protection against environmental pollution
  • Strengthening the production of energy of the cells
  • Rebalancing the skin

The advantages of the high-performance skincare regime


The product range contains only natural ingredients and natural fragrances and does not contain allergens. The products are also available fragrance-free.


The formula harnesses the powers of medicinal plants and herbs that you can find in German nature.


The high-performance beauty products work in a way that mimics nature to be able to imitate the biological processes, structures of the skin.