I have a skin-disease. Can I still use your products without worry?

  • Generally, cosmetic products – our products included – can only be used on healthy skin, which
    • is dehydrated
    • does not produce enough lipids (dry and very dry, rough and flaking skin)
    • is very sensitive (sensitive skin)
    • are related to sun exposure or signs of ageing (wrinkles, expression lines, slackening, loss of contour, hyperpigmentation).

For all of these skin types are the products available.

A product causes an allergic reaction. What should I do?

In general, a cosmetic allergy is a contact allergy. Typical symptoms include skin-reddening, pruritus, blistering, secretion formation, flaking, eye-redness, eye pruritus and stinging eyes.

  1. Clarifying causes: An allergy is not inevitably caused by cosmetics. It can also be caused by other aspects, such as environmental influences or dietary intake.
  2. Time of usage and skin areal: These are essential aspects that need attention as much as the used product. In the case of a cosmetic allergy, the symptoms mostly only occur in certain local skin areas. Because of this limited application area (i.e. eye area), it is simple to determine what product could have caused what allergy. However, one should consider that skin reactions can occur later. That means skin reactions can sometimes be visible only hours after applying a cosmetic product. This fact distinguishes contact allergies from different types of allergies, where a physical response is quick to arise, such as a pollen allergy, where the allergenic substances are inhaled. One should also acknowledge that the affected skin area does not necessarily need to connect to the scope of application.
  3. Keep calm: As long as no secondary infection occurs, a cosmetic allergy does not have any negative consequences – it just causes slight inconveniences since it feels bothersome and looks unsightly.
  4. Allergy test: A dermatologist should conduct an allergy test to determine the allergenic substance. Knowing about allergies helps you avoid using allergenic products in the future.